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West Side Free Will Baptist Church was started in 1964 by R.W. Brown.  Two years later, R.W. became ill and the 40 people of West Side took in Millard "Preach" McGuire on a fill-in basis on July 12th, 1966.  Well, he filled in until October 20th, 2013.  Preach's 47 years of faithful ministry produced 2500 souls won, 120 weddings, over 300 concerts, over 1000 funerals, and 24 called into ministry.  West Side was expanded in 1973  and again in 2009.  His vision always included a school where young people could learn their basics within the Christian worldview.  On October 1st, 2013, the torch was passed to Clyde "Len" Blanchard.  Len's ministry produced souls won, weddings, concerts, funerals, and those called into ministry.   In 2020, Len went to join the Father after after his earthly race was finished.  In July 2020, the torch was passed to Roger McDougal.  In September of 2017, God brought West Side Christian Academy to life.  This and several other ministries now float in the boat we call West Side Church.     

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