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Building Use Guidelines
By filling out and submitting the following form, you are agreeing to the following 
**This WILL NOT be accepted until you have talked with the church secretary and secured date in the church calendar. 
**Your building use request  WILL NOT be reserved officially until guidelines  are received 


Regularly scheduled church meetings and activities of West Side FWB have priority in the use of its facilities. Other church-related meetings and functions have second priority. Respect and consideration will be given in the arrangements for funerals and family gatherings for funerals.

Groups outside the church may, for a fee, use the facilities when they are not already scheduled for use of church functions. Sanctuary: $250; Fellowship Hall: $150; Both: $400. Front half of school: $150


**Members and Non-Members MUST pay at least $40 for church approved soundman and/or Fb Live. They must be payed the day of and is your responsibility to pay them directly and is not a part of the building fee price. 


**For church members if facilities are not cared for properly after event a $50 charge will be required for future usage of building(s)


Please pay all fee’s either by check made out to West Side Freewill Baptist Church, cash or here  (Add a note saying building use if you use this option)



This Facilities Request Form, should be completed by all requesting use of the facility, and submitted to the Secretary.


Events will be placed on the church calendar when the appropriate form has been submitted to and determination is made that no conflicts exist.


All deposits are to be paid upon notification of approval and the balance paid in advance of the event.


General Guidelines for Use of Facilities

  •  Children should always be supervised by their parents or responsible adults and should not roam freely on church property.

  • The user will be held responsible for any damage done to church property associated with the scheduled event.

  •  The user assumes liability for injuries to persons attending the event and for damages or loss of user’s property.

  •  The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illegal substances is not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds of the church.

  •  You must request any equipment needs in advance.

  • If you need a soundman, you must let them know how long you expect them to be there.

  •  You are responsible for setting up the facility as it was when you came in. Take pictures if needed

  • The user is expected to leave the building clean and remove all items associated with their program immediately following the event. The following must be completed.

    •  Floors Swept

    • All trash taken out

    •  Dishes Washed and Put Away 

    • Key returned (if one was borrowed)

    • Toilets Flushed

    • Lights turned off.

    • Fellowship Hall set up and ready for Sunday morning service (see picture below for reference)

    • Extra Chairs and Tables put back on racks/facility put back the way it was

    •  Doors locked.

For fellowship hall AC/Heat text Anton during and after event. 405-590-6260

Which Building(s) do you need? (Please check all tha apply)

Please note that after submission you will be directed to a successful submission page, this may take a moment to redirect. 

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